Gift Guide 2020: Best Holiday Gift Ideas from Latina-owned brands

At LatinaMeetup we are all about supporting small Latina businesses all year.

However, this holiday season it is imperative that we support them, given that the impact of COVID-19 restrictions is hitting small businesses and their workers harder than anyone else. Now more than ever, we need to have their backs and ensure their survival.

We know you are getting bombarded with Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials by the big retailers. So we wanted to provide you list featuring 20 Latina small businesses that we think are great options for finishing off your holiday shopping lists. 

The bonus is that you KNOW you are making an impact!

For the Spa Lover: Cassava Bath & Body

Cassava Bath & Body is the brainchild of Cuban American Marianela who lovingly crafts  products that will remind you of the vibrant people, colorful cuisine, and Latin beats from her Cuban heritage.

I'm continually inspired by the memories of my childhood, stories about Cuba from my father, rich culture, and all of the food I have enjoyed with friends and family. I use fresh ingredients such as natural butters and oils, fresh brewed coffee, fruit purees, cassava, and fresh milks. All of the products are made in small batches in order to obtain the highest quality.

For the New Mami: Ojala Threads

Created by Ramona Ferreyra, Ojala Threads features Premium, hand crafted baby bodysuits, and cositas, inspired by indigenous Hispanic heritage… thoughtfully designed to connect future and past generations.

May our children never forget the rhythm carried by the tambor, and stored in our legacy.

For the Cafecito Lover: We Are Muchacha

WeAreMuchacha is on a mission is to support female leadership by organizing and promoting women owned companies, through the entire coffee supply chain; from cultivation, exporting, importing, roasting to brand. With every cup of Muchacha Coffee that you enjoy you are changing lives of many women around the world , that´s support our mission for positive social impact.

! No somos Machos, somos Muchas!!

For the Jefa: Latinas in Business Membership

Do you have an amiga who is a Jefa? Then get her a membership to LatinasInBusiness, the ONLY membership program that gets YOU in front of potential clients and customers each month, helps you establish thought leadership, and gives you multiple opportunities for promotion so that YOU can fast track your business this year and increase revenue and profits!

I encourage all latina entrepreneurs to be a part of the LatinasInBusiness comunidad. What I have learned and the people I have met in such a short amount of time is simply priceless. Mil gracias Susana!

For the Jewely Lover: Raquel4RSV!

Puerto Rican designer Raquel Santiago is excited to bring you stunning handmade jewelry. With over 20 years of experience and exclusive clientele, these pieces showcase her Artistry while maintaining the highest standard to Quality and Service. Planet-conscious, Raquel uses semi-precious stones, pearls and other natural materials.

BONUS: You are also supporting a US Navy Veteran! 

You Never Know How STRONG You Are Until Being Strong Is The Only Choice You Have

For the Thoughtful Amiga: AboutACloud Cards

AboutACloud has the MOST adorable and unique cards for every occasion. There are English, Spanish and Bilingual options. I dare you not to fall in love with Widad Franco’s fantastic creations.

I create greeting cards, prints, and decor items in paper, wood and fabric which are sold in boutique stores and craft markets around New York City.

For the Mask Aficionado: De Lo Mios Masks

We all have that friend who has the most fabulous masks. You’ll truly impress her with a mask from De Lo Mio Masks, a Female-owned brand supporting artisans through their handmade masks & accessories made in Mexico 🇲🇽 Masks are $8 or 2/$15.

Who says safety can’t be sexy 💋

IG: @DeLoMioMasks
Web: DM her on IG to order.

For the Frida Lover: Frida Gear from Alma's Oil Cloth

Alma’s Oilcloth and Chucherias specializes in Mexican folk art, decorations, and accessories. We also carry a wide selection of oilcloth and oilcloth products. Custom ordering is available.

If you are ever in the Sonoma County wine country I hope you have time to stop in and say HOLA!

For the Drinking Buddy: Flaco Coquito

Not only is Flaco Coquito super delish and smooth. Get this, it’s made with all-natural coconuts, Madagascan vanilla extract, infused with cinnamon tea, and contains 15% alcohol – 30 proof. This “Coquito” is dairy-free, gluten-free, and made with love. The bottles are individually hand-dipped in red wax for a beautiful finish, which makes the PERFECT gift.

I started using real coconut, real ingredients. I got rid of cans and I infused it with coconut to compensate for the low sugar content.

For the Proud Latina: Stickers from Misfitted

Misfitted is your go-to for the cutest Latinx inspired gifts for all! Stickers, Pins, Apparel, Stationery & more! ANNNND, they have Holiday Mystery Bags ($20 worth of gifts for $10!)! And any purchase receives 2 of their Latinx Dichos stickers today! ✨ Head on over and pick out gifts to cross off the pickiest on your list.

Una Hija de Inmigrantes creating & designing gifts for Gente que identifica con La Cultura!

For the Bling lover: Blinged out Airpod holders from Pinketies

You KNOW there’s always that amiga who is the queen of bling. Why not celebrate her with some fabulous blinged out gifts rfom Pinketies.

We genuinely would love to have - or continue to have - you as a customer and client. And we'll do everything we can to serve you well!

For the Cook: Herencia Cookbook

Herencia Cookbook contains over 65 recipes: some are Mexican, some are Salvadorian, some are SalviMex, and a few are Los Angeles inspired. Additionally, each recipe is preluded by an anecdote about the person in the author’s life who inspired the dish. Author Bernadette Molina shares recipes inspired by her great grandmother, grandmother, mother, and mother-in-law. By elevating the matriarchs in her own life, the author hopes to elevate the matriarchs in all our lives. 

Sometimes you just gotta tell yourself hay comida en la casa 🤷🏻‍♀️

For the Sugar Fanatic: Sweets from Dulceology

Dulceology is a Latina-owned Bakery with the most amazing confections, inccluding Alfajores, Cakes, & other sweet gifts. Best of all, they offer nationwide shipping. 

Ponle color a la vida! 🎨

For the Makeup lover: Vive Cosmetics

Vive Cosmetics is a Latina-owned and operated beauty brand created to celebrate our love for all things beauty and cultura in one place. Vive Cosmetics’ story has become less and less about lipsticks and more about celebrating the diversity and power of the Latina and Latinx community. 

We want Latinas and all Latinx to realize the power of our community and truly embrace the beauty that comes from within.


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