Events – Week of August 14, 2023

Check out these events by fellow Latinx Professionals in the LatinaMeetup & AmigosMax family. Show up and use the hashtag #AmigosMaxto let us know you were there! 

 Networking with Amigos 🤚🏻🤚🏽🤚🏿

10:00 AM EST. – Are you here to network & connect? So are we! Everyone gets a chance to introduce themselves. It’s all about fun, friendly networking with new & old AMIGOS 😁🎉 ZERO drama, super friendly. Daleeee💥☕️👏🏽

8/15 – Threads 🌮 Taco Tuesday!! ☕️ Networking BOOSTS💥

10:00 AM EST – Expand your network every Tuesday with the Amigos team and get your Threads Boosted!

8/16 Wednesday Networking ☕️ LinkedIn Tips & BOOSTS 💥

10:00 AM EST – Expand your network every Wednesday with the Amigos team and get your LinkedIn Game On!!

8/16 – Business Networking on LinkedIn w/Amigos

02:00 PM EST – Expand your professional network every Wednesday with the Amigos team on LinkedIn.

8/17 – Thursday Networking ☕️ + Social Tips & BOOSTS 💥

10:00 AM EST – Expand your network every Thursday with the Amigos team and get your Instagram Updates & Connections!!

8/18 – Friday Networking ☕️ Check-In & Content Planning 💥

10:00 AM EST – Check in with the Amigos crew and let us know how your week went while we celebrate TGIF!!

8/23 – The Passionistas Project Podcast with Luz Nazario

8/24 – Inspiring Success for Revolutionary Creatives with Coco Madari (Passionistas Project)
3:00 PM EST – Join The Passionistas Project Founders, Amy and Nancy Harrington, in collaboration with Danay Escanaverino and Dali Rivera of AmigosMax as they talk to Coco Madari about inspiring success for revolutionary creatives.

Project Pineapple sessions are weekly + on zoom (TUE – THU)

02:00 PM EST – Project Pineapple is a FREE. Productivity accelerator designed to keep you accountable and stepping into action. We’re stopping the isolation and inserting play in our work week for 2023.


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