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Applications open for The Southern California Job Creators Grant (A11-13-23)

About The Grant

Latina small business owners in Southern California have an exciting opportunity to boost their ventures with the Southern California Job Creators Grant. This grant aims to support and empower entrepreneurs in the region, offering financial assistance to promote growth and success. The deadline to apply for this valuable grant is November 13, 2023, so act quickly to seize this chance to take your business to new heights.

Important Details

  1. Deadline to Apply: The application deadline for the Southern California Job Creators Grant is November 13, 2023.
  2. Link to Apply: To apply for the grant, visit Southern California Job Creators Grant Application for all the details and requirements.
  3. Sponsor Name: This grant is generously provided by Founders First Community Development Corporation (CDC).
  4. Region: The grant is specifically designed for small businesses in Southern California, benefiting entrepreneurs in this vibrant region.
  5. Length of Time: The duration of this grant opportunity will be mentioned within the application guidelines, so make sure to check the specific terms to plan accordingly.

Let’s Take Action!

Now is the time to seize this remarkable opportunity to enhance your Latina-owned business in Southern California. The Southern California Job Creators Grant offers invaluable support for your entrepreneurial dreams. Don’t miss the November 13, 2023 deadline, and be sure to share this incredible grant opportunity with your network of Latina businesses. Together, we can drive success and growth for the Latina small business community in Southern California.


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