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Applications open for The Southern California Job Creators Grant (A11-13-23)

About The Grant Latina small business owners in Southern California have an exciting opportunity to boost their ventures with the Southern California Job Creators Grant. This grant aims to support…

Applications open for The Stacy’s Rise Project $25K Grants (Apply by 12-01-23)

About The Grant If you're a Latina small business owner who is in the CPG (Consumer Product Goods) space, the Stacy's Rise Project Grant is an excellent opportunity. This grant…

Applications open for Bob & Millie Lynn Grants for Photojournalists (Apply by 11-02-23)

Bob Millie Lynn Grants for Photojournalists About The Grant The Bob Millie Lynn Grants for Photojournalists is a wonderful opportunity for aspiring photojournalists, providing financial support to pursue their passion…